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Aug. 10th, 2010

floral wallpaper

momentary absence

Hello there! I won't be able to get online for the next couple weeks or so!!! Or at least not much anyway. So I'm not abandoning anyone, just out of luck in terms of the net.

Aug. 6th, 2010

floral wallpaper


Last night was my nutrition classes teacher's b-day and also the b-day of a good friend.
My class was cute and decided to surprise the teacher with a cake. So I walked in and saw the beautiful, chocolate cake....and also saw the number displayed. She's now officially 25. Now, normally I don't feel as though I'm old (except for the body aches after a long night out! haha) but something happened in my little head as I saw those number on the cake....2 and 5. I realized how late I am in life concerning schooling and my career. And I KNOW there are reasons for that...I know...so I'm trying not to get down about it. But deep down I do feel a sting, a type of self disappointment or something. Hard to describe. When I told my wife how I was feeling she was great and asked me, "But has your teacher moved to another country? Has she even been out of the country? Can she speak another language fluenty? Has she experienced other schooling experiencing aside from nutrition? Hmm??" And it reminds me that I've done things with my life...even though those things really made my profession and schooling late. I'm dealing.

Then at the friend's b-day party, my silly friend Mario kept saying how I have grey hair. Yes yes, I know. My mother-in-law loves to tell me too. But is it so bad that I actually like my grey hairs?? I do not have a problem with them. I actually kind of like them. Why does everyone think it's a better idea to cover my head in chemicals? (Not that I have a problem with dying hair...please don't think that. I used to dye my hair all the time.)

Then, if there wasn't enough indicating that I'm getting old...my really good friend Everton decided to call me old at one point in the evening because instead of going to a club, I wanted to go home (which I did). But he'll see. When I was his age I could do everything he was doing...nowadays? No. Not possible. My body just doesn't allow it. So............I'm getting old, but I'm not OLD.

Family is coming this weekend for Father's Day on Sunday. I really wanted to bake something nummy but there'll be no time because of a medical appt. this afternoon. Ugh...a gyno type exam. I have to get an ultrasound done on my uterus...from the inside. FUN!

Aug. 5th, 2010

naked with tummy

what a crock of shit!

In the field of nutrition I take the psychological part seriously. Seriously seriously. It is a VITAL part to the evaluation, the solution, the creative process...everything. It is something that I feel so very strongly about. I know firsthand how we suffer mentally with weight issues and it is something that I feel so strongly about that I actually feel as though we should have psychology classes every single semester...at the very least.
So you can imagine how livid I was when our psychology professor walked in to class last night (this is the only semester we have psychology, fyi) and talked about himself saying that he has his undergrad in business, his masters in business (and the likes) and 400 hours of study in psychology. 400 HOURS???? That's it?? You mean you haven't actually studied studied psychology?? And somehow my school, which I just lost a shit load of respect for, thinks that qualifies him. And it's disrespectful to our field and shows the ignorance out there about nutrition. What an absolute shame. They should be embarrassed. WTF...to say the least!

Aug. 3rd, 2010

naked with tummy

Self love

It's official. I'm going to start working on my life from the inside out. Truth be told, my outbursts about my frustration towards my body all stem from low self esteem and have nothing to do with my actual body....we could all agree. So. The goal is on! LOVE THYSELF!
naked with tummy

back to the routine

Classes have officially started up, and this semester is definitely going to rock! Unfortunately, there's still the young girl who sits near me and just loves to talk to me about this that and everything in between. It's getting harder and harder to pretend I care about what she's saying. Not to mention she's totally spoiled and yet passes judgement on the poor. It makes me want to shovel vomit all over her. Reality check, my dearie! You need it.
And as far as my work, it is officially that time of year where I have to pimp myself out to get new students. Boo. Mega, super, big boo.
Onto the whole diet issue....things are going well now that my routine is back to normal with classes started up again etc. I see my final result coming soon. Of course this weekend is father's day here and the in-laws are coming, which means mega good food in front of me which I will not be able to deny! It's best just to be honest. haha But I've only got 6 kilos to lose to reach my final goal....unfortunately it's been 6 kilos for over a year now! haha The last are the hardest. But I'm trying to stay positive and love my body and see it as a whole and not just pick at the flaws that I see probably more than anyone else.

Jul. 29th, 2010

naked with tummy

uh oh....sick!

What a bummer. I think I've caught a cold. Of course my wife was sick last weekend, so this makes sense. I was really hoping that I had somehow avoided getting it since no symptoms had popped up yet, but here I am with a runny/stuffy nose, feeling cold and a stuffy head. My leg pain is either from the sickness or from my fibromyalgia...not sure yet.
I had fun with my 62 year old student today. She's looking for a boyfriend...a foreign boyfriend. She's prefer someone from Texas she says, as she has some friends who live there. hahaha....It's adorable to watch her get all excited over some emails she's gotten. I'm happy for her. The more time I spend with her, the more I enjoy her company. THank goodness for this since in the beginning I thought she was a know-it-all crank!
floral wallpaper


I feel so bloated from last night. We met up with some friends who invited us over for some beer and snacks and as usual I overdid it with the snacks. They had two of my favorite snackies out and I just couldn't resist. And with cold beer?! Even less of a chance. So today I'm feeling so...plumped up.
naked with tummy

Writer's Block: Star-crossed

Have you ever secretly loved someone you shouldn't have? If so, did you confess your feelings? Any regrets either way?

Well yes I have! My wonderful and amazing and talented wife! If I hadn't fallen for her forbidden love and confessed it to her when I had....we never would have gotten together. And that would have been a tragic loss to the universe. Okay, at least to OUR universe!

Jul. 28th, 2010

naked with tummy


cRaViNg!! I'm craving something nummy and sweet. Something cakeish perhaps? Cookieish is good too. A cookie cake?! I wish. However, gotta stay strong until the weekend when I can let go a bit, as usual. Hopefully I can make it. It's only Wednesday.
naked with tummy

enough of these friendships

Hm. I wonder if just lowering my expectations from these so called friendships would help the sting I'm feeling? Unfortunately I'm so sensitive and emotional that it's extremely hard for me to just shut off or stop caring all of a sudden. So many people seem to be able to do it....just like those friends....but I can't. I'm going to try though. Meanwhile, I have my dog and my wife who will always stand by my side.

This is the last week of winter vacation for me before I go back to classes next Monday. I'm happy to go back since it means I get to be closer and closer to my objective in life, career wise. It'll be a relief to be able to stop doing what I'm currently doing.

I really want to give my dog a bath today if the weather acts appropriately. He's a stinkbutt!

Jul. 27th, 2010

naked with tummy

Writer's Block: Orlando lives again!

If you could become one person--alive,dead or fictional--for one month, who would it be, and why?

I'm really torn between Thoreau and Sylvia Plath.
Thoreau would be interesting because of his whole Walden experience. I think it would open my mind much more and teach me so many valuable things that I could carry with me for the rest of my life. Just reading Walden changed my life..imagine living it!

Plath is just an absolute fascination for me. To be albe to FEEL her emotions would be amazing I think. Perhaps dangerous...but totally worth it!!
naked with tummy

blobs of happenings

My love thinks I should definitely get back into LJing. Really journaling everyday. I, of course, would love to. I've always been a big LJer but as of late kind of backed away from it. Stupid FB type pages, right? One liners have replaced long thoughts. It's time to get back into that. .... Even if there's nothing to really talk about, I should just blab about what's going on.

Let's see. This weekend, my wife got sick with a bad sore throat and a bad fever....the whole weekend! Poor thing. And she really gets bad when she has a fever. We just lazed around as much as possible. Poor thing. Luckily she was already better yesterday.

I got scratched yesterday while playing with my dog and my wife. My dog's wooden stick accidentally hit my face, right by my mouth, and left a few raw scratches. Oops. I really need a good war story. Got one? haha

My shampoo is leaving my hair heavy and oily. Boo.

I'm disappointed in my friendships. Not all of them, of course, but the ones that I thought were strong. The bottom line: I'm pouring tons into them and not getting anything back. It's not that I think in friendships we need to always be getting getting getting. What I am saying is that every once in awhile we get some sort of verbal affection back. Some sort of reply when good or bad news is given. But most of me wishes I could jsut not care like so many seem to be able to do....then I wouldn't feel so damn hurt. Because I'm definitely hurting because of this. I'm so sensitive.

I hate people....love animals.

Jul. 24th, 2010

naked with tummy

house hunting

Sitting here really early for a Saturday listening to Annie Lennox. Is she just not amazing? And not to mention amazingly sexy. ;P
Last night we made vegan thick crust onion pizza. It was so delicious. In fact, it was the best homemade pizza we had ever eaten. And trust me, we are pizza experts. ;)
Today we're going house hunting. I'm pretty excited about it (perhaps that's why I'm up so early....oh, that and we went to bed horribly early for a Friday = 10pm). We are paying a horribly high rent right now and also paying a high monthly value to our investment with the bank, and now that we've decided not to buy the house we are currently renting we've GOT to get out of it so we can save some extra hundreds per month. Let's keep our fingers crossed that we'll find something good today.

Jul. 23rd, 2010

naked with tummy


Isn't it a shame that our past bad or painful relationships have to ruin so many songs or even a whole music artist for us? Incredible, the power of music, that is. I admire it. Smells are also powerful for me. For example, one small sniff of something plastic, and I instantly am brought back to play times as a child...sometimes painful, sometimes fun filled. It's just amazing, isn't it?